If the protagonist has ghosts, then he has everything. They enable him to say and do anything he wants, that is why -when he lost them- he lost everything. Ghosts are veils of spatialized time, unfolding to him as pure, mental views -they are the synthesizer- to all that he perceives, embodying his thoughts and justified beliefs.
   Nature has a tendency of hiding from him, even when it has already been revealed, like the moon; super-positioned in his periphery (to the left) ”You can call it, surprise there it is!” The moon is the future that he can not see, it is a part of his thoughts, in the same way as a part of him is he. As he contemplates the infinity of the wind and its position (also on his left) the prolonging of the before into the after makes him perceive his existence from within.

   His life is a double exposed projection on a rough surface and he needs to stay aware, to keep the blend in balance. The recipe lays deposited in his language, which constitutes the borders of his being. On one hand he has ghosts and on the other, a flux memory of change itself -this is his melody- and (especially at night) that makes him real.